This spot doesn’t require any introduction and is a popular and well known landmark in India as well as over the globe. Sanchi Stupa has an extraordinary verifiable association with King Ashoka and additionally Gautam Buddha. The spot is said to be one of the most seasoned stone structures of India and it enlightens Buddhist remnants. The Sanchi trek is a captivating trek for adventure lovers and something everyone should give it a try.

Bhimbetka :-

Bhimbetka Caves are among the most famous destinations in the nation. The caves happened to be the abodes of pre-historic man amid the Paleolithic period. The paintings inside the caves display the improvement of mankind with time. This site bears monstrous historic importance owing from the rarest examples of pre-memorable works of art ever found in India. The remarkable claim to fame lies in the way that the majority of these works of art are still in a condition sufficient to be studied on. It is surely also a famous spot for trekking and the difficulty level isn’t that hard to beat.

Raisen Fort :-

Raisen is about 40 KM from Bhopal and is known for the Raisen stronghold and the Durgah of Raisen. Raisen fort is located on the highest point of a slope with a couple of royal residences, temples and various wells inside Raisen fort. There is a mosque and temple in the same complex of Raisen fort. Raisen fortress had numerous domes inside, in any case, just two of them are left which are presently dwelling place of Bats. It is a great place to visit for trekking enthusiasts furthermore a chronicled spot that you should certainly visit.