District Informatics Centre, Raisen,MP

Introduction : NIC District Centre, Raisen was established in 1988 with an objective of providing IT support to District Administration and promote IT culture among Central & State Government offices. NIC has played a key role to smoothen different administrative processes and activities by providing Technical Guidance & Consultancy, Hardware & Software solutions, Nation Wide Trusted Network and Expertise Training to State & Central Government officials since its establishment. NIC has also played a key role of District Data Centre during Parliament & State Legislative Assembly Elections by providing Nation Wide Trusted Network services for Compilation & Analysis of Election results and its transmission.

Infrastructure : NIC District Centre is well equipped with powerful Servers, Clients, Network Devices and  Power  Backup.   NIC has passes  through  different phases of   development as  per the requirement  and availability of the time.

Sr. No. Description
1. - HCL Infiniti Global Line 2700 HN Server
- HCL Thin Clinet
2. - 1 P-IV and 2 P-III Clients
3. - Laser Printer, 1 Scanner
4. - CISCO 7200 series Router - 1
- CISCO 24 port Switch - 1
- 100 MBPS Lease Line connectivity from NIC-Bhopal
5. - UPS(10KVA) - 1 no.
- UPS (5KVA) - 2 no.
6. -Video Conferencing Equipments like Polycom Camera, TV, DAMA VSAT etc.

Major Projects : NIC has initiated and completed various project of different nature for District Administration and other State & Central Government departments.

NICNET Services :- NIC-Raisen is connected to NIC-Bhopal through 100 MBPS Lease Line. NIC-Raisen has provided the same NICNET connectivity to District Administration and other government departments like Main Post Office, Forest Department, Zila Panchayat, Zila Shiksha Kendra, Agriculture, Mahila Bal Vikas, Land Records, Food, Tribal, DUDA, General Election  etc. providing 24  hours  Internet and  Email  connectivity by 100 MBPS Lease Line. These departments are using this NICNET connectivity for their departmental online entry on departmental websites, sending-receiving email etc. The VC services is also provided through the same lease line connectivity.

Video Conferencing Facility :- As per the need of Audio-Video connectivity, NIC has started the Video Conferencing facility through DAMA VSAT which again upgraded on 100 MBPS Lease Line. The Directorate Level Officers takes the review meetings with their District Level Officers for their departmental schemes/Projects/Programmes. The Hon'ble Chief Minister of MP takes the Video Conferencing on first Tuesday every month as SAMADHAN ONLINE. The Hon'ble Chief Secretary of MP takes the VC on third Thursday every month for PARAKH Programme.

Parakh S/w :- This software has implemented at all blocks of District Raisen. This MIS is mainly for monitoring the facility/services provided by the different departments at village level e.g. handpumps, transformers, Schools, Anganwadi, Health services etc. Monthly data is prepared at block level on the basis of monthly survey carried out by government nodal officials. After compilation at District level, this Monthly data is transmitted to State authorities for analysis purposes.

Land Records Computerization :- Land Records Computerization (Bhu-Abhilekh Software) has also implemented at all Tehsil Head  Quarters of district Raisen. After data updation, all  the tehsil are  providing Khasra and B1  reports printout at all tehsil HQ level under this project.

Agmarknet :- Agmarknet Project has implemented at Krishi Upaj Mandi at District Raisen for transmission of Daily commodity rates. The rates of variuos commodities that arrive in Krishi Upaj Mandi's are fed into the computer and the compiled data transmitted to NIC-HQ. Then that data makes available on the website (AGMARKNET Portal) for the farmers, who can decide, where he should sell their crops.  

Election :- NIC - Raisen has done successfully all computerisation work for Assemble Election 2008 & Parliamentary Election 2009. This work includes the Polling Parties formation, Randomisation of EVMs, Randomisation of Polling Parties, Counting work and counting data transmission to CEO, MP & ECI, GOI, Delhi.

NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) Software :- This MIS software installed at Zila Panchayat & all block level in Server-Client environment. The blockwise data entry of registrations, demands, work details, work allocation, muster roll detail, financial details etc. done and the same data uploaded at NIC-Delhi Server. The same data made available online on the NREGA website i.e. www.nrega.nic.in.


Besides these NIC District Centre has implemented the various software received from NIC-HQ, from NIC-MP State Centre and from other NIC Centres, some of which are as follows:-

1. Windows Based Community Needs Assessment Approach (CNAA)

2. Crop Insurance Software

3. Chief Minister Management System (CMMIS)

4. Web Based Public Distribution Management System (PDMS)

5. Minor Irrigation Census

6. Rate Analysis System

7. Computerized Payroll & Allowances

8. Public Health Engineering Management Information System (PHEMIS)

9. Windows Based Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS)

10. All India Education Survey (AIES)

11. Web Based Health Schemes Monitoring System

12. Ruralsoft

13. Social Security Pensioner System  (SSPS)

14. Panchlekha

15. One Day Governance

16. Jandarshan


Contacts :-Existing Staff

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A.K Bhatnagar
District Informatics Officer
Manish Malviya

* Postal Address :-
District Informatics Officer
National Informatics Centre
Collectorate, District Raisen,
Madhya Pradesh, PIN-464551